Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web! This is a space I wanted to create to share my passions and the inspirations that give me and my family a “sweeter” life. I’m not sure where this blog will go, but I look forward to the journey. Life is about livin’, lovin’ and learnin’, right?

I wear several hats: I’m a wife, a mommy, a step-mommy, daughter, sister, Auntie, and friend! I work as an Environmental Scientist by day and this blog was born by my need for a creative outlet.  I live with my husband, our daughter Laina, his son Finn (part-time) and our Beagle doggie, Belle. We had our first child together in January 2014, Laina Rose Crystle, who is a sweet bundle of joy. 

You can read her birth story here.  You can also read about the first part of my breastfeeding journey at The Girl in the Red Shoes, here.  Our wedding was also featured in I Love You Most.

Some of my favorite things include (in no particular order):

| being pregnant | typography | my handsome hubby | coffee ice cream | hiking | berry picking | cucumber water | hot yoga | the smell of books | elephants! (i seriously have some kind of elephant in every single room of our home!) | linen | that first smell and sip of coffee in the morning | baking | lists (can you tell?) | sunrises and sunsets | photography | want to learn more? check out this post and this post , this post and this post |

Our Sweetened Life believes that inspiration is everywhere and in many different forms,  Family Dinner is a must – Every day, and baking should happen at least once a week!  Beauty and creativity in all things is everywhere and perhaps there may be some here.  Life TRULY is a journey, and I’m always learning something new. I’ll probably never get to where I “should” be because I have no idea what that might be and that’s okay.

Thank you for stopping by!


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  1. Vicky

    visiting from the better blogging network and I love your site. I love the pink how it offsets your pending arrival in the new year.


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