Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Our Sweetened Life! I love meeting and working with other artists and bloggers.  Below I have described some collaboration options.  Do you have any other creative ideas? I’d love to hear from you!

dianna {at} oursweetenedlife {dot} com

GIVEAWAYS: I love supporting artists and companies with products that resonate with my brand.  I am happy to partner with you for an awesome giveaway!  This is a really great way to get traffic to your store and I will link all around social media as well.

GUEST POSTS:  I’m looking for guest posts in the following topics: Motherhood, Pregnancy, and Home Decor. I’m also open to other ideas so please contact me!

SIDEBAR SPONSORS: I currently have one option for an advertising opportunity in my sidebar. I would prefer your ad to specify your logo. See below for pricing and details! It’s a great opportunity to get additional exposure.

Please contact me…I look forward to working with you!



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