Laina Turns Two!!

January 14, 2016

Laina Two Years

Laina just hours after birth and again at TWO years old

I mean, WOW! At 8;45 PM tonight, our little “goose” turns two years old! Remember her birth story? Or when she turned ONE? It’s crazy how much she no longer looks like a baby but a full-on toddler. Bitter sweet for sure.  She’s full of life and happiness and blows me away every single day. This weekend we are celebrating with a Birthday Brunch Party and I’ll be sure to have all her party details up on the blog next week! It’s been quite a treat watching this girl grow up and see her amazing and fun personality manifest itself. My Mom says Laina is me all over again (Aw!) and that completely warms my heart, even though at times she is quite the handful!

Laina has had a fun year making new friends, playing outside (water play was a HUGE hit during the summer) and is getting better and better at communicating as she learns more words. Of course we have to remind her to use  her words as she sometimes just goes the route of throwing herself on the floor in a crying fit when all she wants is me to pick her up.  And not all words sounds like they should! For example, Laina has started saying “fork”. And at times it doesn’t sound anything like fork, haha!!  It’s definitely time to be careful with what I say around her!!


  • cooking in her kitchen
  • coloring
  • all things Mickey Mouse
  • chatting it up….my personal fave these days is when she wants me to sing. She says (in the cutest little voice and pronouncing the “g’s” very well: “Mommy, sing a song”….or….”No sing a song, Mommy”. But usually EVERY time I start singing about the Wheels on the Bus and how they go round, she smiles and does all the moves!
  • goldfish snack crackers, veggie sticks and PASTA
  • Her Daddy….! Like, when he’s around I basically don’t exist.
  • Same with her “Finny”.
  • playing outside



IMG_0340 IMG_0375(1)Daddy LainaIMG_0450

As you can see, our little sweetie had quite the fun year. We can’t wait to see what this new year brings. You amaze us, Laina Rose!

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