December 1, 2015

Laina Rose 2015Hello friends! Most of you know I’ve taken a leap and gone back to school for Digital Photography. My first class is winding down, but not without a big final project! It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I’m leaving this class with even more ambition than when it began. I thought to share my final project with all of you since it’s something I’m so passionate about…just like this little space!


The greatest gift I’ve been given in life is Laina and the opportunity to be her mother. She is part of my legacy.  In the short time we’ve had together so far, she has taught me a love so fierce I never knew existed. For that I am forever grateful.  Her Dad and I hope she values and holds pride in her family and all the earlier generations as much as we do.  Without them, we wouldn’t be blessed with our own life.  This project is an ever-evolving one; building a display of her beautiful family members and preserving their stories. Stories of happiness and achievements, storms weathered, places lived, places traveled, successes, failures, lessons learned, growth, love, loss and new life.

I can't help but wonder what Laina's legacy will be.

I can’t help but wonder what Laina’s legacy will be.

It's like we gave each other the greatest gifts...life and motherhood.

It’s like we gave each other the greatest gifts…life and parenthood.

Legacy 12

I want Laina to know where and from whom she came and continue to carry and share this beautiful legacy for generations to come.  So who is Laina’s family?

It sorta began with us...

Mom and Dad on our wedding day!

Legacy 04

This is Laina and her Nonnie (my Mom) Summer 2015. They are two peas in a pod; sharing the same level of love for shoes!

Laina's Italian family: Great Grandparents and her Pop-Pop. I love the large picture of my parents...

Laina’s Italian family: Great Grandparents and her Pop-Pop. She will not have the chance to meet her Pop-Pop or her great grandparents, but we will share their beautiful stories.

And so I began weaving Laina’s family together with a piece of twine. Pouring through a few dozen photographs of family members to build the pieces of her beautiful gallery, it’s humbling to see the life that was before my time. A snap shot of time shines a little light on happy moments from the past. Final Project-7

Legacy 05

One of my favorite photos of all time is this one of my Mom when she was pregnant with me! Taken two months before I was born, this photo was a gift to me at my own baby shower.


Laina’s German great grandparents fresh out of high school. And her other Nonna and Grandpa on their wedding day.

Final Project-6

Laina’s family, weaved together. Grandparents and great grandparents on their wedding day and as children themselves! See Laina at the top left? Like she’s looking out at her family.

Final Project-11 Final Project-15

Legacy 06

Laina and her big brother, Finn. She holds him on the highest pedestal, as you can see, she wants to be just like him!

Over time, I look forward to taking Laina on a journey through her families’ past and ignite the many moments and stories of her past.  We hope she holds the same level of gratitude for her life as we do.



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