Lessons in Lettering 01

October 8, 2015

Happy Thursday! Today I’m beginning a personal, creative challenge for myself, one that will keep my hands moving and creating.  Let’s see how many of these calligraphy projects I can crank out in the weeks and months to come!  When I’m practicing my lettering, I have to be calm, I have to be present, and I have to concentrate. All of those things can be difficult for me! And at the same time?!  Lessons, LIFE lessons, can be learned anywhere and everywhere and in obscure ways.

Today I pose a question. How do you love? I’m a strong believer that what you put out there will come back to you. This is love of all kinds. The love your feel for your partner, your family and your friends. The love you feel for your home. And, quite importantly, the love you feel for YOURSELF.Lessons In Lettering 03

Love truly. Your heart and mind know this one. Love madly. Because life is too short to not put your all into your relationships.  Love deeply. We all want to feel loved. And you can make sure others know your love if you love deeply. Lessons In Lettering 01Lessons in Lettering 06

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