Happy 1st Birthday Laina! (And her party)

January 14, 2015

Laina Party 10Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful, happy and full-of-life daughter, Laina Rose! She turned one today and last Sunday, we celebrated with wonderful people, incredible food and merriment.  One year ago today, the love in my heart grew larger than I could have ever imagined.  No one prepares you for this.  It’s impossible. I have spent this year holding Laina, kissing her chubby, soft cheeks, watching her sleep, blink, nurse, roll over, sit up, crawl, feed herself, hold a sippy cup, pull herself up, climb and walk.  I have woken up in the middle of every single night, even just to look at her. While I love sleep and I’m terribly deprived of it, I do look fondly at the quiet dark nights holding and nursing her.

I can’t explain the feeling she gives me when I go into her room first thing in the morning, after a nap or even in the middle of the night—when she hears me, sits up, smiles all big, let’s out a high pitched “Aahhhh!” and lifts her arms over her head to let me know she wants me to pick her up. Or when I’m ready to leave the house and I wave good-bye to her and she crawls super fast around the corner to see me off. I could write forever about all the things I love about this little girl and how’s she’s forever changed me. 

I had way too much fun planning and preparing for this party…I hope you enjoy the photos! I can’t say there was a specific theme, but I kinda went (in a way) with polka dots. And I was initially inspired by this awesome polka dot cake that I made.

Laina Party 03 Laina Party 01 Laina Party 02

I re-used some decor from Laina’s baby shower…all those pink paper flowers and lanterns! Then I had a milestone board made which is such a cute idea! I swear…Pinterest and Etsy are so full of inspiration.  I also wanted some kind of favor and the lemon-raspberry shortbread cookies turned out to be a great idea.  A little treat! I used “L” and “1” shaped cookie cutters and put them in cellophane baggies. Aren’t those cute sticker tags? (All resources of the what/where is at the bottom of the post in case you are interested!)

Laina Party 11 Laina Party 04 Laina Party 09 Laina Party 05 Laina Party 06 Laina Party 08 Laina Party 07Laina Party 12

Cake time! Laina loved cake of course!Laina Party 13

Me & my bro….Laina Party 14 Laina Party 15 Laina Party 17 Laina Party 16

The what & the where…

flower garland | milestone board | 12 photos board | favor tags – had these custom made!| menu cards – I ordered the stock from here and used Canter font | polka dot cake | birthday crown/cake topper/garland |

Thanks for checking out the details of Laina’s first birthday party! SO so so much fun planning. I did get a little emotional when we sang happy birthday…I mean, this year went by in a blink! And I’m amazed at all the milestone’s she’s reached in this year. It’s mind blowing.

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One thought on “Happy 1st Birthday Laina! (And her party)

  1. jes

    awe, just seeing this– what a super sweet party. i’m loving how you reused the paper flowers from her shower. what a sweet babe and family!!! xoxoxo


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