2014 Year Review

December 31, 2014

Hey! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday. I can’t believe this is the last day of 2014. Unfortunately, I’ve been spending it quite sick. A small cold turned into one of the worst sinus infections of my life and I’m a sufferin! Looks like I’ll be in bed early tonight!  But I had to leave you with one last post!

So…what a year it’s been! Hands down the most life-changing and cherished year of my life. But it wasn’t all roses and rainbows. As a matter of fact, in a lot of ways, this year could also be classified as one of the most difficult. And the difficulties didn’t really have anything to do with being a new mother. Honestly, motherhood has been pretty easy. We have a beautiful and happy baby who has given us so many incredible moments.  But other things…fizzled out friendships, heartbreak, and some health issues that I’m still working through.  But all that stuff that life gives us…the good stuff, the bad stuff, the really really difficult stuff, all makes up who we are. It’s all about how we deal with what life throws at us. I want this post to be positive, because despite the rough stuff, 2014 was chock full of awesomeness!  Fizzled out friendships made room for new friendships and for that, I am so grateful.year in review 01

Phillip and I are so on the same page when it comes to raising our little Laina. She has developed quite the personality over the year but one thing that really sticks out is how happy she is all the time (unless she’s teething, then forget it).  Always smiley, always giggling. Her giggle is the most infectious sound I’ve ever heard. Laina 2014 laina

THIS BLOG GOT A RE-DESIGN! Somewhere around the middle of the year, I looked at my blog and realized it didn’t really reflect me very much. I needed something waaaaay different. And so I turned to blogzilla studio who designs simple, classy and beautiful websites. Of course I fell in love with my choice design.  Sometimes a complete overhaul is just what you need!  Then I turned to Latrina from Of Trees & Hues who designed a new logo that I am also in love with!  Not to mention the amazing community of bloggers…it’s wonderful to be part of! This little blog of mine and I got pretty involved in some really wonderful things going on in the world wide web and met some super cool people along the way.  I couldn’t be more thankful for that.Header_lol

Oh! And I also opened a little online shop where I sell some pretty cool coffee mugs. Listen, my days just aren’t the same without coffee. I get excited the night before for coffee the next morning!coffee mugs

We took a family trip to the Outer Banks in August, which was my first time ever visiting.  Also, Laina’s first time on the beach. It was insanely hot and she only visited the sand once, for about an hour. And slept most of the time!laina beach

OuterBanks 09 OuterBanks 02

Mr. Finn turned 9! And we threw him a dinosaur-themed birthday party, complete with dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and a huge create-a-dinosaur art project. And then the kids just did their thing and had a huge nerf gun war.finn birthday

Aside from focusing on this blog, I was found elsewhere this year: our home on Holly Marie Designs, sharing some rustic/chic wedding inspiration on Lanalou Style, and awesome wallpaper ideas on Clear the Way. Check my Press page for more!  Phil also became a contributor here at Our Sweetened Life. He has his own little monthly column called Taste, where he shares an awesome recipe from his kitchen. He always takes his food to the next level…one of the many reasons I love him! (Stay tuned in January for a very special post on Laina’s birth story—HIS version.)  Phillip is an incredible writer!

Despite me fighting one of the worse sinus infections of my life, we made the most of the holiday. xmas outtakes 02Finn Laina Xmas 2014

We are all looking forward to 2015! There will be a few changes here on the blog…all good stuff. Ya gotta shake things up a bit, right? There will be some new features, fewer weekly posts (quality, not quantity)!  Right now, we are busy planning Laina’s first birthday party so stay tuned for more on that. It’s going to be adorable…think: polka dots! 

Thank you for popping in on this little blog over the year. I hope you enjoy 2015! xox


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