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52 Week Project – 15/52 (15 Months Update)

April 20, 2015


Happy Monday friends! I know you get a weekly daily dose of Laina but it’s been a while since I’ve given you a sufficient update on her milestones! So today I’ve got more than just a portrait of her….read on for more about her favorite things to do these days.

She turned 15 months old last week and we have ourselves a full-on toddler with a mouth full of teeth! FullSizeRender(2)


  • blowing bubbles
  • going for walks
  • “swimming” (really, just being in pools)
  • crayons
  • being outside
  • buckling all buckles
  • shoes…all kinds of shoes!


  • blueberries –  she may turn into a blueberry
  • carrots
  • goldfish
  • applesauce
  • cucumbers



  • bubble
  • door
  • more (this girl wakes up hungry and can seriously eat all day long!)
  • dolly
  • dog
  • Hi Belle! (actually, she calls all dogs Belle…all the neighborhood dogs are Belle!)
  • mama and dada

A COOL/ADORABLE THING: When we have Finn and she see’s him, she let’s out the sweetest excited squeal in delight! She runs to him, wraps her arms around him and says: “Ahhhhhh!”

She blows my mind with all that she can do and even more so, how much more she can actually understand. One night, she was all ready for bed and I said: Say goodnight to Finn.  She ran over to him, arms up in the air for him to pick her up. Another time I was taking her clothes off before bath time and I handed her her shirt and said: Put it in the hamper. And don’t you know, she grabbed it, ran to the hamper, plopped it in, and gave me a huge, proud smile! So that’s her first chore! I mean, I had no idea she knew what the hamper was! But I guess she’s seen me do it enough that she just knew what to do!

So what does all this mean for me? Aside from being insanely proud, I gotta say, I’m quite nostalgic thinking that just one year ago she was so tiny and still slept most of the time. They say babies grow up fast and I get it, and they do, but still….it’s kind of a shocker when you see how many changes happen in one year.  She still gives me baby fever.




Rufus + Murdog

April 15, 2015


Hello friends! I’m so excited to share with you a brand new baby clothing company, Rufus + Murdog!  Two Canadian mama friends (with a total of four little boys between the two of them) came together and now offer a lovely collection of mini clothing, bedding, toys and accessories, all inspired by their boys’ favorite stuffed animals, Rufus and Murdog.  Their focus is on small indie shops and products created in Canada.  I have followed Ana’s blog, Bluebird Kisses for a while now and have loved watching her first son grow, then the addition of her second son and now the opening of this sweet little online shop! Those little boys sparked quite the inspiration and I’m absolutely in love with every piece in this collection.

CLOTHINGR+M onesie collection

Don’t you just love those onesies? I think the R+M signature is my favorite!R+M black collection R+M swim collection

R+M baby girl collection

The clothing collection is thoughtful, painfully darling and truly unique. I can see my daughter in the kayak bathing suit, wrapped up with that gray hooded sweater when the winds come off the ocean!


R+M shoe collection

I’m in love with the soft play moccasins, and seriously…those gold ballet flats?! I can’t even….


From bedding to wooden toys and decor, Rufus + Murdog have something so special and unique that would make a perfect gift or addition to your child’s room.R+M collection accessories

R+M collection accessories 02

I think every Mother deserves a piece of jewelry with their babies’ initials. It’s simple, sentimental and will be cherished forever, don’t you agree?  I’m swooning over the simplicity of their designs and uniqueness in their choices. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful dream catcher in their baby’s room? It’s something that could carry them through their whole life. I DO hope you check more out from Rufus + Murdog…those mama’s are doing wonderful things!

Hello Spring & Life Lately

March 24, 2015

Spring 2015


Over here on the east coast, I spent the first day of Spring watching snow fall and pile up! Not fair, right?! And this week it’s chilly and all I want to do is visit the flower market, drink breakfast smoothies, wear dresses and sandals and hang up my coat for a good bit of time.  I created a Spring Mood Board (below) to get me inspired and I’m also planning some spring cleaning, scrubbing, purging and planting to follow! Oh! And a spa day. Can’t forget about a much-needed spa day. What do you like doing to get refreshed for Spring? Do you feel the need to purge the cluttered corners of your home?  Scrub the fridge and windows and fill each room with fresh flowers?

FEELING: A bit overwhelmed, driven to learn, and excited for upcoming adventures.

READING: Goodnight Gorilla, Hoot, and Bus Stops (to Laina of course)!

BEGINNING: Mommy-baby swim lessons with Laina! She LOVES being in the pool.

LEARNING: Modern calligraphy. Can’t get enough of it.

PLANNING: A few things…a family photography session in April and a trip to Hawaii in May!

WATCHING: Welp, I just finished marathon watching Parenthood and I cried like a baby during the last episode. Actually I cried during almost every episode.

LISTENING TO: Some old school 90’s rock n roll….gotta bring it back every now and then!

WANTING: To take a Photography course.

EXCITED FOR:  My writing piece on Sovana Bistro to be published on the Collaboreat blog on April 13th!

TRYING: To get to the bottom of some chronic health issues. This is probably the most frustrating thing for me right now!

EATING: Lemon Ricotta Almond Flourless Cake…slightly time-consuming but so worth it.

FINALLY: Our entire house is pretty much sleeping through the night and has been for the past two months. It’s been a loooooooong time coming! (thank you Laina!)

NEW FAMILY ADVENTURE: We really want to start geocaching. Strap Laina in the Ergo and take Finn to the woods. He already enjoys hiking and we think he will love finding treasures along the way. Anyone have experience with this?

Spring & Life Lately

Check out more of my Spring inspiration over on Pinterest!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven


Host a Mommy-Baby Brunch!

March 3, 2015

brunch 01

A Mommy-Baby Brunch is probably one of my favorite parties these days!  A friend of mine hosted one a while back and it caught like wild fire and now we all switch off hosting.  It’s great for a number of reasons:

  1. Its easy!
  2. It gets Mom and baby(ies) out of the house and with other Moms and babies,
  3. It gives the little’s some social floor time with fellow baby friends,
  4. Always good food,
  5. It’s early enough in the day that everyone can get back home in time for that afternoon nap!

This past weekend I hosted one and we had 6 mama’s and 6 babies ranging from 5 months old to 1 1/2 years old. It was a great mix of tummy timers, crawlers and walkers!  We do it potluck style so everyone brings a dish.  Given that it’s brunch…there is a great variety of foods to choose from.  Seriously, no stress!  We had a bagel bar, fruit salad, an IPA frittata, a creme brulee french toast, danishes and yummy pastries.  Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without coffee/tea, OJ and brunch flowers!  In the past, we’ve had cucumber sandwiches, lemon-blueberry muffins and mimosas!

brunch 02brunch 05 brunch 03 brunch 04 brunch 12 brunch 06

Wondering how to put together a killer bagel bar? I mean, who doesn’t like a good bagel? I included a few different cream cheeses, hummus, lettuce and smoked salmon! I picked up the bagels fresh in the morning and toasted them right before everyone arrived.  You can include whatever you want…sliced avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, capers….the sky is kinda the limit here!

brunch 11

Miles #1 – he was in toy heaven!

brunch 10

Miles #2 loved this book…and his favorite food item were the puffs!

brunch 09

Our youngest attendees sharing the play mat!

brunch 08

Ryan looking dapper as ever…can you stand the cuteness?!

brunch 07

Laina was the only girl baby at this brunch!

Next time I’ll be sure to get a shot of our whole group–mama’s and babies! It’s really fun to get together and talk about our kiddos and life in general. Life and time get away from us so quickly and these babies grow up way too fast.  It’ll be fun to do this again when the weather is warmer and the kids can go crazy running around outside!

I hope this inspires you to get together with your fellow mama friends! Ha, I’m sure when these kids get older, the brunch will be replaced with wine parties! Thanks to our wonderful group of mama’s!

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