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Motherhood – On Making Decisions

January 29, 2016



Most of you know I wear several hats—wife, mother, scientist, baker, photographer, calligrapher, budding entrepreneur, with motherhood sitting at the top of the list. That’s not to say I don’t give all the other roles the attention they deserve. I do (that’s another story), but my job as a mother is my number one priority. And from the moment I found out I was pregnant, it’s been all about decision-making. Some decisions are easy ones and some are much, much harder. But I lead and follow with my heart. I’ll always use reason, but I rely on my heart and what my intuition as a mother knows best and let that guide me.

The other week, a terrible accident happened to Laina at daycare and it went unnoticed and I wasn’t notified. I picked her up at the end of the day and her two front teeth were cracked off! And we don’t have any answers as to what happened. It wasn’t so much the accident that happened, but the fact that it went unnoticed and we weren’t notified. It called into question the quality of care our daughter was actually getting, compared to what we were expecting. And the fact that we don’t know how her teeth became cracked, we only think the worst. Was it preventable? Did a teacher hurt her? Did a student hurt her? We can only hope it was an innocent mistake, but without answers, it’s just a terrible feeling to have as a parent.  I mean…my daughter got hurt and no one was there to comfort her. I get that things are going to happen to Laina that are completely out of my control and she’s vulnerable to the world and will get hurt and I won’t be there. I know this. But there are expectations of daycare that weren’t met.

So we had to make the choice to pull her and change daycares. Seems like an easy choice, right? Not so much. I mean, she’s just making a linear switch to a new daycare.  Who’s to say something like this won’t happen and go unnoticed again? I highly doubt something like this would ever happen again, but I feel like we’ve lost confidence in this type of childcare setting. It’s a love-hate feeling, really.  I love that Laina has a little time away from home where she’s busy with learning activities, art and playing with her peers. But I also find that environment to be ran by young and inexperienced women and are often too “rowdy”. The fact that Laina is only part time gives me some feeling of relief and that she really does have the best of both worlds.

But to be brutally honest, I’m not excited at all to take her to the new daycare. I was and wasn’t excited to leave the previous daycare. There were some things I really loved about it, and things I would have liked to see different, but not everything in life (and daycare) is perfect. Ultimately, I DO think Laina is at an advantage being in daycare part time. She loves being around kids and I love that she’s social. I love that she’s sings songs, plays music, learns new things and makes adorable art every day.

I’m constantly weighing pros and cons and doing what I think is the best thing for her. Out of sheer principle, we couldn’t bring her back to her original daycare. Not to mention all trust was tossed out the window. Motherhood in general, will always throw crazy things your way and sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s really hard and you can only pray you’ve made the right choice. If not, accept the pitfall, learn from it and move forward.

This week with Laina home, we got pummeled with about 30 inches of snow! Too much snow to truly enjoy, especially with Laina refusing to wear her snowsuit. I did manage to bundle her up for some walks in the sunshine and she absolutely loved walking down the corridors of snow!  motherhood motherhood motherhood motherhood


Laina Turns Two!!

January 14, 2016

Laina Two Years

Laina just hours after birth and again at TWO years old

I mean, WOW! At 8;45 PM tonight, our little “goose” turns two years old! Remember her birth story? Or when she turned ONE? It’s crazy how much she no longer looks like a baby but a full-on toddler. Bitter sweet for sure.  She’s full of life and happiness and blows me away every single day. This weekend we are celebrating with a Birthday Brunch Party and I’ll be sure to have all her party details up on the blog next week! It’s been quite a treat watching this girl grow up and see her amazing and fun personality manifest itself. My Mom says Laina is me all over again (Aw!) and that completely warms my heart, even though at times she is quite the handful!

Laina has had a fun year making new friends, playing outside (water play was a HUGE hit during the summer) and is getting better and better at communicating as she learns more words. Of course we have to remind her to use  her words as she sometimes just goes the route of throwing herself on the floor in a crying fit when all she wants is me to pick her up.  And not all words sounds like they should! For example, Laina has started saying “fork”. And at times it doesn’t sound anything like fork, haha!!  It’s definitely time to be careful with what I say around her!!


  • cooking in her kitchen
  • coloring
  • all things Mickey Mouse
  • chatting it up….my personal fave these days is when she wants me to sing. She says (in the cutest little voice and pronouncing the “g’s” very well: “Mommy, sing a song”….or….”No sing a song, Mommy”. But usually EVERY time I start singing about the Wheels on the Bus and how they go round, she smiles and does all the moves!
  • goldfish snack crackers, veggie sticks and PASTA
  • Her Daddy….! Like, when he’s around I basically don’t exist.
  • Same with her “Finny”.
  • playing outside



IMG_0340 IMG_0375(1)Daddy LainaIMG_0450

As you can see, our little sweetie had quite the fun year. We can’t wait to see what this new year brings. You amaze us, Laina Rose!


December 1, 2015

Laina Rose 2015Hello friends! Most of you know I’ve taken a leap and gone back to school for Digital Photography. My first class is winding down, but not without a big final project! It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I’m leaving this class with even more ambition than when it began. I thought to share my final project with all of you since it’s something I’m so passionate about…just like this little space!


The greatest gift I’ve been given in life is Laina and the opportunity to be her mother. She is part of my legacy.  In the short time we’ve had together so far, she has taught me a love so fierce I never knew existed. For that I am forever grateful.  Her Dad and I hope she values and holds pride in her family and all the earlier generations as much as we do.  Without them, we wouldn’t be blessed with our own life.  This project is an ever-evolving one; building a display of her beautiful family members and preserving their stories. Stories of happiness and achievements, storms weathered, places lived, places traveled, successes, failures, lessons learned, growth, love, loss and new life.

I can't help but wonder what Laina's legacy will be.

I can’t help but wonder what Laina’s legacy will be.

It's like we gave each other the greatest and motherhood.

It’s like we gave each other the greatest gifts…life and parenthood.

Legacy 12

I want Laina to know where and from whom she came and continue to carry and share this beautiful legacy for generations to come.  So who is Laina’s family?

It sorta began with us...

Mom and Dad on our wedding day!

Legacy 04

This is Laina and her Nonnie (my Mom) Summer 2015. They are two peas in a pod; sharing the same level of love for shoes!

Laina's Italian family: Great Grandparents and her Pop-Pop. I love the large picture of my parents...

Laina’s Italian family: Great Grandparents and her Pop-Pop. She will not have the chance to meet her Pop-Pop or her great grandparents, but we will share their beautiful stories.

And so I began weaving Laina’s family together with a piece of twine. Pouring through a few dozen photographs of family members to build the pieces of her beautiful gallery, it’s humbling to see the life that was before my time. A snap shot of time shines a little light on happy moments from the past. Final Project-7

Legacy 05

One of my favorite photos of all time is this one of my Mom when she was pregnant with me! Taken two months before I was born, this photo was a gift to me at my own baby shower.


Laina’s German great grandparents fresh out of high school. And her other Nonna and Grandpa on their wedding day.

Final Project-6

Laina’s family, weaved together. Grandparents and great grandparents on their wedding day and as children themselves! See Laina at the top left? Like she’s looking out at her family.

Final Project-11 Final Project-15

Legacy 06

Laina and her big brother, Finn. She holds him on the highest pedestal, as you can see, she wants to be just like him!

Over time, I look forward to taking Laina on a journey through her families’ past and ignite the many moments and stories of her past.  We hope she holds the same level of gratitude for her life as we do.



Laina Rose – 18.5 Months Young

July 30, 2015

Can time PLEASE slow down? Look at this girl! Remember when she was born?laina rockin

It’s been a while since I did a legit Laina update, so here we go!  We have a full blown toddler on our hands whose personality is bursting every day. Her smile and laughter are infectious. Her sense of adventure is overflowing and I admire her fearlessness. She’s got a force and presence that is astounding and truly authentic. Laina is learning new words every day and is fine tuning those motor skills this summer!

laina in hawaii

laina in hawaii

laina snack trap


  • Agua (pronounce: Ag-A!)
  • Pasta!
  • Boo-Boo
  • Good Girl (speaking about Belle the beagle)
  • Brother
  • Oh noooo!
  • Help!
  • Applesauce


  • Play in a pool
  • Any kind of water play
  • Go for walks in her stroller
  • Climb anything and everything
  • Hug her “babies”
  • Play with friends


  • She is obsessed with her big brother, Finn. She stares at him in awe.
  • Equally obsessed with snack traps filled with goldfish or cheerios.
  • Laina went to Hawaii earlier this summer and we all learned she loves the ocean!
  • But hates sitting in a high chair.
  • She gives great kisses! And when she hugs you she says “ahhhhhh”.
  • Will not even try ice cream or cake! I mean…WHAT IS THAT?!
  • Brushing her teeth is one of our biggest fights. Every. Single. Day.

So there you have it. Our little 18 month old in a nutshell. I’ve never loved so fiercely in my life. I know these are some of the best days we will have. I savor every moment. Even those when she’s on the floor crying because I wiped her hands clean. I hug her and tell her I love her.mommy laina

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